Welcome to aPriori
Thank you for your interest in aPriori. Use the resources below to gain a better understanding about the value we can bring to you and your company. I look forward to working with you.

Frank Schwarze

Sales Director

“aPriori gives me the ability to easily and quickly run multiple ‘scenarios’ that can provide insight into best cost, optimal manufacturing routing, and geometric features that may raise manufacturability issues.”

- Daniel Caratini, Chief Consulting Engineer, GE
“Using aPriori removes emotion and focuses discussion on the value creation steps of a part. This allows for win-win discussions with suppliers.”

- Dean Crawmer, Supplier Development Engineer, Parker Hannifin
“Our customers rely on us to provide solutions that deliver more productivity and cost less. aPriori helps us meet that need. It automates much of the cost optimization that we currently do manually, helping us bring designs into production faster to support critical product schedules and lead times.”

- Sam Freesmeyer, Vice President at AGCO